Cabal-feedback/discussion collection thread


Hi all,

i started a cabal for testing purposes and wanted to collect my feedback in this thread. If you have something to add: Feel free to do so, i will update the starting post and collect everything in one post. If i have more feedback, i will ad it to the opener as well.

Thanks @Mad Uza from the MadHatters for much chitchatting about cabals and some input i will write down in this thread.

XP for Cabal-Directives

After some testing and talking with other Grandmasters it seems that you get 5 xp per directive and member that is in the cabal at the time the directive starts (at least on your way to lvl 1, seems base-xp per memebr raises after that). If it happens like it happened to me, and you get the "collect codexes"-mission as first directive, you have to get 110 of the damn things and you get glorious 5 xp for that (cause you were alone when you started the cabal). Really feels... rewarding xD

And this system of fixed xp per member per directive done punishes small cabals extremely. Think about it, you need 200 xp for the first lvl alone. So lets say you have 4 members in the cabal. Thats 20 xp per directive, so 10 directives to get 200 xp. So you will reach lvl 1 in the 4th week after you started the cabal (3 directives per week at the start). And it will get worse after that cause youll need much more xp for the levels to come. i think you can do the maths for a 20-member-cabal yourself :)

I dont say that small cabals should lvl as fast as bigger ones and i know that the directives scale with members in the cabal as well, but this system is to slow if you have only few members. Furthermore it gives XP for every member in the cabal - if they actually contributed to the directive or not doesnt count. Id like to see more xp for actual contribution per Member if you have to keep the per-Member aspect., but make it easier for small cabals to get lvls somehow. Im sure you can come up with a system for that :)

Completion-Points für Cabal-Missions

As it is now, you can run a cabal-mission with a full group of Cabal-Members and you get only 1 completion point towards the directive. All other stuff that you have to collect for cabal missions (curios, codexes, relics of nurgle) drop for every member in the party (ok, problem i see is that they now have to stay together to collect the stuff, but can split to do objectives in missions...). But, if you and someone from another cabal have the same mission-directive active, you can coop the missions from any of the two and each will get a point for his cabal. Seems weird, or not? ;)

Pls make it so that you can coop cabal missions and get a point for every memeber in the party. That would encourage partyplay in the cabal for that missions instead of people soloing cabal missions synchronously cause it can be more efficient to do so. If it must be, raise the total number of missions that need to be run to balance this.


  • Leaderboard (at least for GM) for contribution-points from cabal-members
  • Blackboard to pin news/infos upon
  • Cabal-Roundmails (at least for GM)
  • Mail-function from cabal-member-list (as well as from friendlist btw)
  • Competetive Features for Cabal vs. Cabal: Weekly Cabal glory, special events/missions for cabals with lederboards
  • More detailed informations about cabal-directives

Thats it for now, let the feedback flow dear GMs and Caballeros ;D

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Cabal-feedback/discussion collection thread
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4 years 56 days ago
Is there a list of cabal missions posted somewhere as i'm unable to find them anywhere ?
6 years 118 days ago
Kane Seere
There are more informations about the directives on the cabal-screen, but i agree that its a bit sparse. Would be nice to know to which faction some of the Monsters you have to kill to get certain stuff belong, for example.
6 years 118 days ago
I'd like better information on cabal missions, I have one atm that says to kill mutants and I have no idea what kind of mob that is.
6 years 120 days ago
Yeah I think there's no reason something like the protector system couldn't be expanded to cabals etc etc. 

However, i'm not such a fan of just "who's played more" - Much prefer who's completed X challenges etc etc.

My Preference would be have a Cabal only Tarrot from time to time as a random event, make it a ridiculously tough tarrot/purge mission (to avoid speedruns) and Record the fastest time! 

6 years 120 days ago
Airsick Hydra

yea, some way to compete besides cabalrank would be nice. any ideas about it?

maybe something like cabal-glory? that could be the added up (weekly) glory of all cabalmembers (divided by mebers to even it out and give small cabals a chance^^) or glory for completing directives faster than others... or something... hmm

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6 years 120 days ago
I'd love me some way Cabals can compete with eachother... Call me old school but a little friendly competition really gets the blood flowing.
6 years 120 days ago
Good feedback! +1