feedback on 0.2.0 - Keys for moving ("forward, back, strafing")


Feedback using AWSD- keys ("forward, back, strafing")

So I have played some more and I would like to talk about the controls and especially using the keys (AWSD) for moving "forward, back, strafing".

Better controll with AWSD

I like that we can use forward, back, left and right (AWSD) and this makes, for me at least, to have total controll of my char. To make this even better, please make a toggle option to use the mouse to move and not to move. So when you are using the keys then the mouse is only for aiming and shooting. That makes it way easier to move in diffrent direction an still shoot and melee (circelstrafing the mobs while you are meleeing them is quit effective) without accidentally *cough*`move where the mouse tells you to ^^

AI and AWSD - "circle- strafing"

Its fun to "circel- strafe" the mobs when you are using a meele weapon and often it works but sometimes the AI "snatch" 180 degrees like they are "aimbots" - no shit!? ^^. Please fix this so they don't do this. Sure some mobs are faster, maybe even lighting fast, but the bigger should be way more heavy and rotate slower.

Hotkeys - "move and swap"

Please make so you can "move and swap" around the icons on the hotbar. Some skills I would like to have on my mouse and the ones with, lets say, more CD on a key on the Keyboard. Right now I am "forced" to use the mouse with the main guns abilites and the keys for the second guns abilites.

Cover and "AWSD"

Right now if i am behind a "wide" cover I can move "along" this cover with my keys at the same time as I am using the cover. This is great!

But If I am standing against a pillar in "cover" then when I am trying to "go around it" and still be in cover using my AWSD- keys then the char won't turn in the right direction. Please make it so. Its way more fun and it helps alot if you could do this.

This is the things I have thought about at the moment.

But  as always, keep up the good  work all you devs!  ^^



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feedback on 0.2.0 - Keys for moving ("forward, back, strafing")
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7 years 89 days ago

Totally agreed! I would be so happy to walk with WASD and shoot in different directions using the mouse.

6 years 189 days ago

Please, Dev's and Mod's, what is the status of controls like that? Would you please comment on that?

6 years 189 days ago
Im sorry, but Crusader melee is just plain boring no matter where the controls go. It's not just the character, but everything moves in slow motion. Swinging my weapon gets boring. No procs, not FXs, No varied swinging animations or sounds. Of course I could just go and play a psyker... but that is not the character I want to play.

And now that awesome 'Death of Hope' YouTube short film is coming out from a small independent production team, my 40K expectations are high.

I could go into detail about more things I don't like in my purchase of this title, but I'm too frustrated. After an hour, this game gets stale, quick. I want this game to git gud. Fix it.

6 years 188 days ago
i resurrected it because i never got an answer on how the state of this is or if there will be no chance to have movement and firing/aiming controlled separately in the game
7 years 81 days ago

Gonna throw in my thoughts on this. Basically, I am in agreement with the toggle mouse click movement option.

However, I do have to admit that shoot while moving might get slightly out of hand balance wise. So I think it should be implemented (including melee while moving naturally!) and see if it presents an issue, then sort it out.

6 years 189 days ago
Why you necro such a old post.