A few suggestions for post release


With Inquisitor Martyr nearing release in this quarter, here are a few suggestions for the future updates.

A few thoughts pertaining to runes for the other classes along with some armor abilities.

For reference, I relate toggle abilities to be like the assassin's stealth armour skills


- heavy armour

- ‎tank

- ‎cqc


- basic damage reduction (DR)

- ‎DR after deflection

- ‎DR after block

- ‎resource on block

- ‎heal over time on do deflection

- ‎stun on deflection

- ‎blind on deflection

- ‎bleed on deflection

Armour skills:

- vortex: suck foes in and stun them, dealing minor damage

- ‎courage/valor: buff self and allies with damage buff and health regeneration

- ‎Emperor's blade: strike out at foes with a fiery blade that emits a penetrating wave of fire.

- ‎automata: summon a mobile turret, dealing less damage than the tarantula but attacking more regularly.

- ‎retinue: summon the imperial guard's finest

- ‎valient charge: charge a single for dealing massive damage, enemies surrounding the target are stunned.


- fast attack

- ‎dodge

- ‎damage over time


- base Dodge chance

- ‎DR after Dodge

- ‎heal over time after Dodge

- ‎resource gain after Dodge

- ‎reload/vent on Dodge

- ‎place mine on Dodge

Armour skills:

- back stab: teleport behind a targeted foe, dealing heavy combined damage of ability and weapon damage

- ‎deadly waltz (toggle): gain evasion, on evasion; deal extra damage on attack.

- ‎mind war: foes actively ignore the assassin with the aoe

- ‎toxic illusion (toggle): gain the shape of the foes you are fighting. Enemies ignore you at a certain distance. Gain access to toxic needles that break on a single strike against a foe dealing heavy damage over time. The illusion breaks on attack.


Armour skills:

Reverberation: sent out a wave that suppresses and breaks armour dealing minor damage.

Tempest (toggle): ranged foes have a chance to miss/ melee foes are slowed.

Thank you for reading,

Keep up the good work devs!


Due to runes being more of a space wolves thing - perhaps these instead?

Trained skills - crusader

Augments - assassin

Arcane codex - psyker

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A few suggestions for post release
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6 years 124 days ago
Well the changes, which came with the new update were good.

I loved the new Psyker Focus. A new Class-Item which is neither an Armor or a Weapon!

It gives the Psyker another Slot for an ability and it does not use charges, just the ressource!

I would like to see a Crusader- and an Assassin-Belt-Item too. Just to give us more possibilities.

For the Crusader these could be kind of a Card from the Emperors Tarot or some kind of an Inquisitorial Rune.

For the Assassin these could be a vial of Toxin to enhance the weapons, or a vial with drugs to enhance the attackspeed or the movementspeed

6 years 125 days ago
I think some armor it special power to summon Imperial guards are nice, they need more armor types too.. colors,, dyes, and why not some Medals to equip like warhammer online.. so looks diferents. the heros
6 years 127 days ago
I'm really enjoying the changes you have made to the game, and I have two requests.

1. Can we have a way to reduce the size of the chat window? It takes up a lot of room and I find it annoying when it pops up during game play.

2. Can you also move the enemy health bar from the center of the top screen to either one side or at the bottom? I find it gets in the way of the view for targeting.