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Praise the emperor!

This post will be a bit lengthy, sharing my current experience, giving some suggestions and posting a few bugs.

1. (And this might be the most important) You guys are doing an amazing job so far. A big thank you to the guys working in your support who helped me (and probably countless others) very fast with issues regarding their accounts and game keys. (Even on a sunday) Just amazing! The same thing can be said about your current patches and progression. We've seen many patches in very few days and especially the last one brought the game from "can not complete a single mission" to "it just never crashes". Keep up the good work!

2. Graphics, and camera

Game looks good so far, there are still some effects missing here and there (e.g. "wide spray" ability on the heavy flamer), but I like what I see. The performance is less than optimal, but alpha is alpha, and it can be improved later for sure. 

It would be nice if it would be possible to adjust the camera angle (higher/lower), watching your character from the back would be amazing. The way it is right now you can't really see what's in the next room behind the archway, might help to increase transperency as well.

3. Combat:

The combat is fun but as others have said it feels a bit.. static. This is especially true when fighting dreads - it should be a epic fight, but it usually results in you kiting the thing for a bit or just standing right next to each other shooting at it until it's dead. There should be some special attacks from it that need to be avoided or result in really high damage. (indicated by ground circles or something). At the moment they are not really hard, just a bit "bullet spongy".

The melee attackers are usually so slow that they most of the times can't even reach you or it's really easy to kite them. Overall it might help if the whole movement of you and the enemies is a bit increased to give combat a less static feel.

4. Skills

It's nice that you included skill trees so early. This might be an alpha thing but at the moment they are mostly not really interesting, +1% here and there. The more interesting ones aren't always clear what they work on and what not. For example in Scion Sniper training you have to skills that increase your "Burst skills" and "Salvo skills". Please make it clear in the weapons description what kind of attack it is. You can usually guess if it works or not, but clarification would be nice.

5. Items and Stats

This might be biggest gripe at the moment. I think what we need are 2 things: 

a) a item comparison ingame (in inventory and store)

b) a way to see what the resulting stats of your weapons are after skills, weapon attributes, other equipment etc.

It's nice that we can see every effect (skills, item bonuses etc) on the dps number if you equip a weapon. But that makes comparing items pretty difficult, a comparison tool would be nice (which should also include every bonus to both weapons).

Right now I am not sure if "attack" and "defense" value on items have any effect whatsoever. Clarification would be nice. In the dagnor system the difficulty is 3 instead of 1, which results in itemdrops with way higher attack + defense values than in other missions or the shop (usually around 4-8, in dagnor 22+). I have 2 thunder hammers with the exact same stats, one has 4 attack, the other 45, if I equip them the dps they show is exactly the same, maybe the lvl 4 one has reduced damage against higher lvl enemies but it would be nice if you could give us a way to compare attack/defense value vs. other stats. If attack/defense are really important I see no reason to do any missions in other systems than dagnor (especially because the missions don't appear to be any harder despite being difficulty 3 instead of 1). 

6. Bugs

a) treasure bags did work before the patch,  (but didn't show which loot you get), I even got a purple weapon out of them. After the patch I have opened 5-6, I can't say for sure for the first few, but the last 2 bags didn't give me any items.

b) Killing an enemy will remove their projectile still in the air. Not sure if this is true for every enemy, but I have noticed this when fighting the guys that shoot a slow fire attack at you, if you kill them before it hits you it vanishes mid-air and won't deal any damage to you.

I hope I can help you a bit with your progess, keep up the good work and I am sure we will have a great warhammer game. :)



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Feedback, bugs, suggestions
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7 years 59 days ago
Yes, all my systems are at difficulty 1 as well, but despite that - the missions in the dagnor system are lvl 3, not 1. This might be another bug, as I said the missions don't appear to be harder, but your get loot with higher attack/defense ratings.
7 years 60 days ago

I don't like the combat system at all. It is too slow. Need something more amusing for an action RPG.

7 years 60 days ago
I think the loot system should be that everyone gets a copy of the loot picked up during co-op at the end of the game, regardless of who picked it up.
7 years 60 days ago

Strange bug. I didn't post when I clicked on comment so I did a copy-refresh-paste but then "undefined". Managed to actually post by doing a past and adding a bit of text.

Forgot about the edit option. Now, I'm leaving those to show the bug.

I try again:

More transparency is needed because each room is a mistery until you entered so much to get the camera in that all the room is already shooting at you.

And not only transparency for camera but also for clicking. I often get shooting at strange location while trying to shoot an enemy in front of me. My guess is that I'm aiming to the wall instead of the enemy in the room at the other side of the wall for the camera.

By the way, how do we get a higher challenge system? Is it about reputation? About level? Something else?

My four systems are at level 1 difficulty. :/

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Thank you for your feedback!
7 years 60 days ago
For what its worth I enjoyed your post and nice job identifying bugs!