Feedback after 30hours


Picked this game up on steam recently and here is my feedback after 30hrs.



- We need a way to more easily orient the camera. Possibly double click mouse wheel or a keybind option to move the camera behind you.


- More definition between sub classes. Right now the only difference between sub classes is the items you start with. Maybe small bonuses to using certain weapon types with sub classes or extra damage mitigation if you pick a melee sub class? Something to differentiate between playing Crusader: Juggernaut and Crusader: Heavy Weapons.


- Longer missions on larger generated maps.

- On priority missions you have the option to gather intel at the beginning of the mission that can possibly have a good or bad effect on the mission. Maybe more options along the way on the longer ones that are 4-5 maps long. Or the possibility to make a decision after 2 or 3 maps that can change how it plays out.

- Very small chance on priority missions when you pick an intel option for things to go horribly wrong and the mission gets much harder. No matter if you pick the best option or the worst.

- Longer priority mission chains. Maybe 10 maps long with more lore between each map like how it is now but with a tougher boss at the end of the map chain?

- Random warp/chaos rift outbreaks or invasions on weaker worlds where sometimes you can get a mission that is much tougher than what that planet/system would normally offer. Could be on a timer like a small random "event" every 6 or 12 hours or so and the mission might only be available for an hour or two.

- Survival mode. Arena based wave survival that gets tougher with each new wave.

- Hardcore mode. When you die, you die.


Tarot Cards

- I like the tarot cards system of spawning missions. A few more card options to keeps things spicy is always good.


- Low power level greens shouldn't have a wait time when you craft it should be instant. As your power level increases the wait time should scale to increase as well. At max level i think crafting greens should take the amount of time it takes now. Right now theres no incentive to craft at low levels period.

- Possibly weapon and armor mods? Craftable and dropped upgrades you can attach to your weapon or your armor. Augment inoculaters or implants. Better items can have more mods. So maybe craft a new barrel for your gun, or lightweight material for your armor or a better chip for your neural impant? Maybe only high quality items can be upgraded like artificer and relic?

- When using Fusion the items you chose to fuse into your item should have an impact on what stats you end up recieving on it. So maybe if you fuse a plasma gun into a lasgun you will get +heat dmg or +weapon cooldown increase. Something relevent to the item that is being fused. I haven't done much fusing so ignore this one if its already like that.


- Something to do with all the cash. Possibly item durability and repair bills? I would like to see a "gamble" tab on the shopkeeper. A page of greyed out items that you can purchase at prices that scale according to your power level to have a chance to get something possibly useful. So it can be random items for example a power sword or a purity seal but you cant see the stats or item quality until after you buy it. Maybe it will be a grey or a blue or a green or you can have a small chance to get maybe a artificer or very small chance to get relic.

- More variance in item flavor. So using assault armor as an example there is "Assault Armor", "Koschei Assault Armor", "Thule Assault Armor". More of that flavor text with different appearance for what is essentially the same thing, Assault Armor.

Item classes

- Lore item class? Possibly another item category called "lore"? Named items from the 40k universe. So for instance there is a chainsword but then there is the famous space wolves chainsword named "Krakentooth". Multi-melta and "Foe-Smiter". Heavy Flamer and "Astartes Incinerator". Assault Armor and "Alatus-Pattern Jump Pack"  etc. 

That being said I'm enjoying the game a lot and looking forward to whatever updates are coming!

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Feedback after 30hours
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6 years 288 days ago
Thanks for the detailed write-up, very useful :)
6 years 286 days ago

- Something to do with all the cash. Possibly item durability and repair bills? I would like to see a "gamble" tab on the shopkeeper.

You can buy Purple lock boxes for 80K with a Cabal Perk.