Thoughts after a few weeks of game play


I have not played in a couple of weeks some real life stuff but mainly due to the very slow progression of my character level yes I know it's alpha and yes I know you guys are working on it  but doing just regular missions is simply way to slow for account leveling. Fate missions are great but can be a huge pain w/ the randomness of health grenade refills

I know there is a ton of content coming and improvements every month but the feeling of not making any progress is somewhat frustrating. Overall I think you guys are doing a great job game on my end plays great and is very stable  the account leveling is really my only gripe at this point 

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Thoughts after a few weeks of game play
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6 years 276 days ago

Big leveling changes are coming in Nov. patch with a wipe. If you are having trouble playing, lay off until then.  Alpha is for game testing and not for enjoyment(if you do that's great).