There is an example of execution made against regular enemy in the help tab.

But I have never seen an execution marker, and my characters performing only melee executions against Elite-kind enemies.

So the whole skillbranch seems like nearly useless. Should I wait for fully working sync-kill animations at release?

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5 years 115 days ago
dunno if this feature is realy interesting in an hack and slash , to finish elite / boss could be fun to add that  but no point to add it on regular enemie who are suposed to die in less than 1 sec 
5 years 117 days ago

We will still improve this feature in the near future.

5 years 117 days ago
I remember a post saying that it's not working in previous versions. Personally i would't be surprise to see it go. The kill animations for elite look very buggy , is quite lengthy and you also get dmg while pummeling the little head instead of cutting it of ^^