Erroneous direction


Basically this is a good and smart RPG, but the game world lacks integrity. it would be better if it was a world by type of Sacred 2 or other more famous RPG. Or for example, several planets, spaceships that are divided into large seamless worlds ( it's like exploring a planet or ship). The developers have chosen an annoying approach, dividing the world into levels, I would call it - boring rounds. Monotonous locations, monotonous quests, monotonous enemies, + insufficient number of musical themes = bad.

In general, the idea about RPG gameplay looks decent , - i like it. But for me there are not enough firearms variations, i think the world of Warhammer 40k has a lot more.

The second thing that infuriates is that you cannot change the angle of the camera - tilt it to the bottom, like in 3D. Why not?

In principle, this is probably all that I found bad for ideal RPG.

I did not regret that I bought this product,  well done devs, there is something to praise!

I would like to see the second part, at the some seamless world of Necrons ( big research), or maybe about Crux Terminatus on big ship or planet!

I would definitely buy.

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Erroneous direction
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