Equpping ranged offhand weapons with melee weapons causes problems.


If you try to use a ranged onehand weapon in conjunction with a melee weapon, the game still thinks that the ranged weapon is a shield and the character wields the ranged weapon in weird angles; the attack animations on both the melee and ranged weapon cease to work, and sometimes it even causes the ranged weapon not to work at all.

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Equpping ranged offhand weapons with melee weapons causes problems.
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7 years 13 days ago
Similar issue here. Though in my case the sword is held like a ranged weapon and the ranged weapon is in a weird floating position in front of the sword, looking like an extension of the sword.

There also seems to be a lot wrong with animations in a melee/ranged combo (though I only noticed this when I have a power sword and bolter pistol equipped). No melee animations are shown when attacking this way (ranged animations seemed to work last time I played). The damage is still applied. Movement animations also get stuck: no animation when starting with the melee/ranged combo and then stuck in a running animation as soon as you move when switching to another ranged weapon and back again (this test was done in the hub).

Since the last patch the bolter pistol second ability also stopped working in combination with a melee weapon.