Enemy hit points bug


I just played an Intel mission where one of the modifiers was +health per 60 seconds (or something like that), and yet, the first mob I encountered had Chaos marines with a ridiculous amount of health (basically unkillable).

I read about this on the Steam forums. Now I've experienced it...

I think that for the next patch, you guys should really focus on fixing the remaining Intel/Tarot modifier bugs.

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Enemy hit points bug
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107 days ago
NJ guys, fix most/all of these Tarot bugs and it'll be a great patch.
107 days ago
This got fixed internally, the upcoming patch resolves the problem! 
108 days ago
I noticed Bug 2 earlier tonight. Got the same billion health enemies during the next Intel mission.
109 days ago

I had the same issue on intel mission. Unplayable so I abandoned mission. I then tried again with a new intel mission and got exactly the same debuff on the new mission!! There was much swearing....

Bug 1: Debuff "+25% health to enemies every 60 seconds" causes enemy health to be too excessive from start - beyond playability. Unable to complete mission.

Bug 2: On abandonment, the next mission randomizer failed to reset and so I got the same broken bug again.