Dual weild pistols - Devs?


Re dual wield pistols

If it is intended i've noted that the second gun remains inactive in all situations (I was dual weilding a plasma pistol) for all four weapon ablities. 

Option 1 - Complicated to implement but mouse left and mouse right = one pistol and the 1+2 keys = other pistol (even if its a different pistol type, allowing for combinations. The drawback here is that it might visually look strange to only use one pistol every now and again

Option 2 - Have the second weapon shoot with a reduced damage output like other MMO's, 

Option 3 - Have the second weapon shoot simultaneously with the first for all abilities but reduce the accuracy, making it more effective at close range but worse at long range compared with a single pistol 

(I feel like combining option 3 will give the best outcome here)

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Dual weild pistols - Devs?
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7 years 156 days ago
ah in that case I think I have discovered a bug then, thanks for clearing that up. To clarify the reason I thought this was the case was when dual weilding two of the same pistols... The second one was never fired, no matter the ability used. Which made me think it was just redundant. I'll play with the different combo's today!
7 years 156 days ago
To add to this, Being able to choose which 2 abilities you have on either pistol would be a nice addition.
7 years 157 days ago

Quote from Dual Wielding (wikipedia)

"In MythBusters, there is an episode in which they compared many firing stances, including having a gun in each hand and found that, compared to the two-handed single gun stance as a benchmark, only the one handed shoulder level stance with a single gun was comparable in terms of accuracy and speed. The ability to look down the sights of the gun was given as the main reason for this.[8] In an episode the following year, they compared holding two guns and firing simultaneously—rather than alternating left and right shots— with holding one gun in the two-handed stance, and found that the results were in favor of using two guns and firing simultaneously.[9]"

Yeah I mean - bringing in realism to the Warhammer world is always bad, but it would seem, that if used correctly, you can get both worlds - accuracy and more damage - in the real world. 

It would however take longer to reload (twice if not three times the time), but with Plasma pistols that isn't even an issue as the overheat would wear off just as fast for one gun as for two. Maybe the skills should change of the weapons, combining them into new abilities so that it isn't the same as with 1 gun (Think Guild Wars 2)

7 years 156 days ago
Game kNight
I think i'd stick with my fantasy world for now! for games sake we need balance and each weapon set will need advantages and disadvantages..

Really it comes down to asking what's the advantages of having two pistols vs one pistol and one sword for ranged combat.

1 - Option one is that a single pistol gives you more accurate ranged fire power and two gives you more firepower at the cost of hit%

2 - Option 2 is that you just shoot them at 1/2 the speed and alternate shots, but at the same DPS. The advantage here is that you would reload 1/2 as often.... But otherwise it would operate the same as a single weapon.

think option 2 is actually the way to go with this one, it would provide an advantage (slight) and allow for the animations to be aesthetically pleasing, ie using both guns... The question then is do we mix the skills when we have two different pistols (I think yes)

7 years 156 days ago
I am currently using dual pistols as my 2nd weapon loadout (Plasma pistol and Laspistol) and it is working exactly as you describe Option 1. 

Out of the 4 total abilities each pistol has i am only able to use the first 2 from each if the pistol types are different. 

However dual pistols of the same type gives me all 4 abilities but only one pistol is used during the ability animations.