This website's store is currently broken and charges the customer even though a transaction does not complete. The website also uses too many unsafe technologies in general, as well as to complete transactions.

In the US, that's called fraud. I've been charged twice for a transaction that, not for reasons on my end, did not complete.

This doesn't bode well for Neocore games as a company at all.

Store Page
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6 years 332 days ago

Did some digging over the payment security. The same software and company that Hirez / Playstation and about 10 other major companies use. Just for anyone reading this. 

Seems like OP had some issues, but don't think the security of the website is at fault. Best of luck in resolving them.

6 years 332 days ago

..."Unsafe tech"?

The bog-standard authentication process, that has a deeper layer of security protecting your banking info wherein you have to actually know your own banking info, to access, to see the authentication code required to actually make the purchase?

If you wanna rant, rant over Steam and the default of saving your bank info, rather than defaulting to not keeping it on file. The security on Neocore is no better or worse than any small retailer--I looked into it before I gave them my info.

Methinks OP is somewhat salty over their own bank not wanting to play with the authentication and payment process Neocore uses.

6 years 334 days ago
Hey there Cygnus,

what kind of "unsafe technologies" we are talking about? Can you explain this to us, please?

6 years 334 days ago

Sounds like you had an issue with payment. Not entirely sure we need to bring out the F word!

There's been a couple others with similar issues in the forums. All of which were sorted out swiftly. Would expect staff to respond to you tomorrow as it's out of their office hours now. Rest assured there's a few hundred of us playing who have had no issues. Fairly soon you will be one of us :D

As you peaked my curiosity and I don't know much about the subject of website security could you perhaps share what the unsafe technology is?