My own bug list


These are most of the Bugs I encountered so far:

- Strange colors in the water on death world maps:


- A supply chest that is inaccessible due to terrain blocking it:


- A double chest, i.e. two chests on the same spot (not both open Lids opposite each other):


- Stationary gun emplacement bug still persists, i.e. destroyed gun emplacements stay on the map as invisible obstacles.

- Magos Biologis Heroic Deed completed before I found even a single Inoculator component

- Friend reports money is not deducted from budget when clicking the crafting button, although this bug does NOT allow crafting more than budget would allow

- While using Teamspeak the sound of the game deteriorated to cracking noises, almost unbearable. Friend reports my voice as sounding mechanical. This issue never happened with other games.

- On the Bridge, mouseover on the techpriest shows the title "Artficer", which should be "Artificer"

- Description of 'Armour Breaking'-ability on weapons says 'Ingores', which should be 'Ignores'

Granted, the last two are minor nuisances ;)

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My own bug list
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6 years 301 days ago

O.K., wrong way to insert pics, so here i go again: