Do Critical Attacks work?


Are there any players here who can confirm that Critical attacks actually work?

Are there people out there experimenting with 'Crit' builds?

I am aware of yellow damage numbers flashing up occasionally and, assume that they are the critical hits. However, the values seem no better then the usual damage so I am beginning to wonder.

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Do Critical Attacks work?
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7 years 50 days ago

Hi buddy it's me again! 

Can confirm after running 0% and 35% builds that this is the case that yellow numbers are critical hits.

Agree that on occasions the numbers for the crits can be within a similar range to white numbers, more so on certain enemy types whom I presume have an internally built in critical hit resist value (this is only my suspicion). If you invest a little into critical strength then the numbers start to spread more widely however. Unfortunately I can't give you any objective values for this.

Hope that my contribution was satisfactory this time, I shall endeavour to please you!

7 years 50 days ago
Airsick Hydra

As useful as always.