Disappearing weapon


Hi all

New bug for me, although its only happened once in nearly 60 missions it was a bit annoying.

Swapped to my Heavy Bolter just before the mission and when it loaded up the Bolter was gone!

There was nothing in the 4 ability slots, nothing in my hands and my character just "glided" around instead of walking.

The other weapon set worked fine but no Heavy Bolter, and the worst thing is IT DIDN'T COME BACK!!

After the mission the slot was empty, and that was my favourite Heavy Bolter too! :)

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Disappearing weapon
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6 years 356 days ago

Usually this happened with crafted weapons that got duplicated, but since the update I have not seen crafting duplication again.

Instead I had it with a weapon bought from the vendor on the Bridge. The item got duplicated, and I stashed the duplicate in the stasis-box to avoid losing both, so later I was able to replace the lost weapon, but I had to rely on a single gun for one Mission.

Did you get a duplicate before your weapon vanished?

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6 years 356 days ago

Nope, no duplicate.

I took it out of my stash and equipped it and when the mission started it was gone, checked my stash after and no sign of it.

6 years 354 days ago
Heretic Chris

I lost a green sniper rifle yesterday this way. Was not happy.

6 years 351 days ago
Hi! Please send your account name with a detailed email about the problem to [email protected]!
6 years 351 days ago

Sent the e-mail Morzan.

Also, I lost another Item today, a Purple Signum I had received for a Tarot mission.

Was equipped in the left-hand slot and was present during the next mission and afterwards but after doing a 2nd mission it was missing from the slot, which was empty.

Very sad about this as useful signums are hard to come by :( Sad Inquisitor will have to burn lots of heretics to make himself feel better now!

6 years 348 days ago

And today I lost a brand new Chest Signum the mission after I got it, which is a massive pain as it was keeping my Defence at power level 4, now its back to 3 :(

Can we get word if this is getting fixed in the next patch?

6 years 316 days ago

I must Report, that bug still exists :( or maybe again. ;(

6 years 316 days ago
Can you send me your Account name? 

What items did you lost?

6 years 316 days ago

Yeah still about, lost a Signum day after EA release.

6 years 315 days ago

I had this bug since the early days of the alpha and it seams it is back again. Since the last patch i have already lost a heavy flamer and now a plasma gun and a new armor i bought from the store. It just keeps happening..... and its frustrating.

6 years 314 days ago

Started a Story Mission (PR725) in the Balthar System at 18:32 BST (19:32 CEST) only to find my brand new Artificer Boltgun had vanished!

Same deal, holding nothing but looks like holding a rifle, no movement just "gliding" around, no skills in the slots.

Switch to other slots, everything fine.

By far and away the most annoying bug in this game, doing missions for loot that vanishes. Makes me a sad panda.

Same account and character names as before,

Heretic Chris


6 years 314 days ago

Just a thought, but could it have something to do with dying during the Tarot where you get them if you have the Don't Die card active?

Can't remember the other ones but the one where I got the bolter I died but didn't seem to get any lesser rewards, maybe I was not supposed to get the bolter?

I have noticed other times I have died that the rewards seemed the same?

6 years 313 days ago

If you lost an item please Contact Us at [email protected], send your account name and we will try to fix it and give back your items.

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