Disappearing Daemonforged Items


So after grinding for about 6 Void Crusades, and around 25 hours I finally got a daemonforged sentinel armor lvl 90 to drop. I procceeded to spend nearly 20 million credits and my entire store of fate (on relic items) and all of my saved orange crafting materials, and 7 of the red sparks I had to add sockets and roll the enchants, enchant values. I then moved my 50% damage taken as suppression psalm from my old armor into the new. I then put the armor back into the modify tab after changing it's appearance as I wanted. The tab would not let me reroll the last enchant I was trying to change. I logged out to main menu to see if it was a glitch. When I logged back in my armor had vanished from my inventory. It's completely gone and is not on any tab. This represents 30+ hours of RNG and grinding vanishing and has effectively bricked my character. There is no way for me to replace the psalm code or the amor itself as I now have insufficient gear for the character to be playable at the level needed to refarm. Is there any way for my lost item (and the 30 or so hours it represents) to be recovered?

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Disappearing Daemonforged Items
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2 years 127 days ago
I logged in just now 11:34 am est to see if you guys had possibly fixed the issue to find that a sentinel power armor labeled as "Morality armor" is in my inventory now with no stat block. The object can't be modified and seems to have no stats of any kind.