Character load error and very slow to react traders


Hi i am getting a character load error coming up that never use to happen (started in last 12 hrs) also game crashes (black screen) and the trader screen takes ages to load or do anything (10 second delay) i have verified my install and it was fine. i am in New Zealand with high speed fibre (up and down)

IAmGroot is my name and it is occuring to IAmGroot character and GrootIAm also. help please.

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Character load error and very slow to react traders
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33 days ago

I check every now and then whether stability has improved. Currently logged in, we will see if there are any problems. I think I will consider buying Prophecy if the problems are frequent.

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33 days ago
I have some warhammer games, they all been good. Bu more and more i feel this game purchase was a mistake. Half day problem with server, and noone fixes it. Shame on you! 
33 days ago

Hello. I also have the same problem loading characters. Last night problems with selling items started, duplicating items after restarting the game. Everything looked like a server load.