Difficulty Increased Significantly


The difficulty of the game increased significantly. I was enjoying the first two story missions but the third has pitted me against chaos space marines and a number of other foes which make the game nigh unplayable. I'm not on a random mission or at least not that I know of, I clicked on the button that progresses the story and I can't progress past the third mission.

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Difficulty Increased Significantly
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6 years 233 days ago

you need to upgrade character the missions get harder as you go in investagations and story missions

6 years 231 days ago

You need to upgrade everything. Do some side missions, earn some loot then come back and try again.

6 years 213 days ago

I'm actually pretty happy about the increase in difficulty. I'm just disappointed about how it's implemented in the least fun way possible. When I repeatedly gave feedback that the game was too easy I meant the gameplay itself was too easy, not that they should just increase the HP and damage of the mobs. Now it's the same overly simple gameplay, but you have to run away to regen more often. Not an improvement.

6 years 208 days ago

Think on the difficulty system like in Diablo (if you have played D1 and D2...but I'm sure you have) :)

Also in Diablo you could rush trough the game doing only main missions. But if you do so, your character isn't progressing and evolving. And you will end up facing Diablo as a weak, low level character and you will get smashed. (but you will not even  get to Diablo)

You have to do exploration and side missions from time to time to get stronger :)