Developer feedback?


Its been a while since launch, and there seems to be a total silence from the devs. Shouldnt this time be full of fixes and meaningful patch notes on an almost daily basis? Meanwhile the game looks already abandoned...

This doesnt look to good lads :(

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Developer feedback?
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4 years 95 days ago
Nope looks liek its a one shot poney/money grab - bad steam release, buggy, and boring. its gonna vanish quickly

4 years 96 days ago
Just report to Tender's post he just add us a new event and explain the devs have listen the feedback of the last event and add tiers reward ... And another update today in 40 mnt ... One last weekend and one 2 days after the launch ... Without count the little one in server side ... The game have less than 3 weeks and more updated than a game like Vikings : Wolves of Midgard ... ( sorry for quote but don't find another bad exemple ^^" ) ... 

So please buddy don't say the game abandonned =(