Deathtrap - Bug Report [XBOX One]


If you encounter any issues feel free to report them here. It would make it easier identify the issue, if you could provide a screenshot or video (if possible) with a detailed description of the problem.

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Deathtrap - Bug Report [XBOX One]
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7 years 157 days ago

Sorceress hair keeps disappearing, leaving her bald. Can be seen here.

Archer posts sometimes spawning hostile Gloomstriders. Can be seen here at multiple posts.

Quite a few tower / trap spots are un-useable on console. Mainly on tier 3 and 4 maps. There are typically ravines or chasms between the trap and player, making them un-selectable. Will have to get specific map names later.

When holding down attack and targeting a monster, if that monster is teleported via portal glyph, your character will stop attacking and try to run after that monster. Using a different skill seems to fix, until it happens again.

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7 years 153 days ago
Map - VI Nameless Tomb

Tier 1

The 2 essence generators in the middle are not select-able. Images 1 and 2.

7 years 143 days ago
Mission iv - Bottomless Pit 

Tier 3.

Summoner traps are not accessible by the character. They're out on their own and can't be reached by the player to activate a trap.

7 years 5 days ago

Nameless tomb tier 4, unable to build the one cannon in the sunken area in the center of the map.