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Get stucked or just need some technical help? Feel free to ask any questions and we welcome any feedback as well regarding the Xbox One and PC versions!

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Deathtrap Support
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7 years 152 days ago
Not sure if this would count as support or not... Working on getting the wiki for this game more complete / up to date. Could use a lot more information than what seems available. 

Some things that would be nice are :
  • Item images (with transparent backgrounds preferably.)
  • Item stat ranges, or even just possible attribute rolls. (Like how the epic Belt of Purity always come with Base HP, Poison damage, additional HP, and 2 random.)
  • Possible behind the scene numbers. (item drop chances, how much each type of key increases your loot, etc..)

I am playing on Xbox, if it makes any difference. Have just been screen capturing items I have been finding and comparing stats.

7 years 151 days ago
Sent, thank you.
6 years 324 days ago

Will Achievements on Steam ever receive an update?  Currently there are three achievements that seem to be not working: "Jack of all trades," (build 15 different tower types on one map,) "Killing floor," (build 1,000 floor traps,) and "No Pasaran!" (build 1,000 tower traps).  Progress on all three of those Achievements is stuck at 0.

The "DevBlog" link on the main menu connects to a 404 page on the NeoCoreGames website. 

6 years 187 days ago
Well if you bougth the Van Helsing games and created a save game for them (you have to start them) when you next start Deathtrap the Vrikolak and the Katarina minion will unlock for you! I tested it just now and it's working fine!
6 years 187 days ago
We will try to spare some time for it! ;)
6 years 157 days ago

Loving this game but the achievements are really glitchy. I am registered with TrueAchievements so have managed a workaround for some. The build x traps counters all got stuck as well as the teleport 100 times. Deleting my local save and doing the requirements offline, then reconnecting to Live sorted them. I haver never played as sorceress yet have the achievement for all 3 characters at Lvl 10. What's really bugging me is the loot 500k gold. I have 2 characters at Lvl 100, 1mil + in loot and it won't unlock, stuck at 99% and has done for several weeks. Any ideas?

7 years 151 days ago


Ohh it's cool! Of course we can help! Send me an e-mail and we can discuss the details! ;)

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7 years 126 days ago
I downloaded DT WOVH from XBox Gold Games as part of my Gold Games package. And, we really enjoy playing it, but I can't figure out how to get any new Minions without paying for them as upgrades. I thought they would eventually unlock like every other item in the game. I saw a notice that if you "owned" the game you would get a free Rare or Godlike Minion. So, I decided to officially buy the game at $20, because I wasn't sure if the Gold Game "purchase" counted as "owning" the game. So, now I definitely officially own the game and I still haven't received any Minions. I'd either like my money back or to at least get the Minions I was promised as a game owner. 

Thank you

6 years 179 days ago

Can anyone tell me how to program my rage powerups so i don't have to use the right stick to assign numbers EVERY time i want to use the powerup? This is for VH3 on Xbox One.

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6 years 177 days ago
The help menu describes using the Y button and then X and A buttongs to assign powerup levels that are then saveable with LB. I don't see this option at all in the game though. . . .:(