Crusader Focus Bugs


I have had a lot of issues building a crusader this season because various effects related to focus and health regen do not seem to be working correctly.

The Tier 5 Virtue bonus, Vigor, has no affect.  At 25 Virtue I restore no suppression from using Cyclone Missile Launcher armor skill, 50 focus cost should restore 25% Suppression, and only restore 25% Health which is what I get anyway from the Support passive Invigorating Faith, which does work correctly regardless of attributes.

The Radical Perk does not seem to be correctly increasing focus regen. Equipping it increases the focus regen on the stat screen by 1 regardless of other sources of regen or radical morality points.

Self Flagellation perk does not convert some forms of conditional increased health regen to focus regen.  +50% Health regen from focused state is converted to increased focus regen by Self Flagellation, but increased health regen from the "HP regeneration increased by % missing hp" relic enchant is not.

Focused state is not increasing all health regen.  Health regen gained from Corpus Shards is not increased. Focused state only increased my health regen from 70 to 75 and if I unequipped 60 health regen of Corpus Shards it correctly increased from 10 to 15.

QoL: Focus Regen stat in character stats does not show decimals which I believe it did before because I remember seeing a change in the stat from Perpetual Prayer +.25 regen. The stat panel appears to floor focus regen rather than round it, which seems confusing, and made it hard to test some of the focus regenerating effects.  

Unknown bug: while testing some of these focus effects and respeccing passives my focus regen (at least in stat panel) shot way up  and also behaved as though Self Flagellation was equipped when it wasn't.

I saw another Bug Report on the forum recently questioning if perpetual prayer is working if it does not show up in stat panel.  Confirmed that Perpetual Prayer seems to be working and will increase focus regen in stat panel if it makes the stat greater than the next whole number value.   Tested with Artificial Organs 1 perk, at 170 focus with perpetual prayer stat panel displays 2 Focus Regen, Floor of 1+.25+170/100. At 180 focus without perpetual prayer stat panel displays 2 Focus Regen, Floor of 1+180/100.  At 180 focus with perpetual prayer stat panel displays 3 Focus Regen, Floor of 1+.25+180/100.  At 205 focus with or without perpetual prayer stat panel displays 3 Focus regen

Unrelated to those, Tactician perk is reducing cooldowns for skills with lower than 2 sec cooldown.

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Crusader Focus Bugs
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59 days ago
We will check these out, thanks for the detailed report!