2 issues with co-op Void Crusade


Party of 3 with me as the leader.

First issue: we finished a mission which was our biggest loot and XP haul ever - all tabs full. When our chars teleported out it sat looking at the map for a really long time, and then booted us back to the bridge and we had no loot or XP. Our Void Crusade was still 'alive' but it showed the mission we had just finished as 'available' but it was greyed out. We moved on down a different path.

Second issue: when we finished the last mission, 2 out of 3 were able to teleport into the chest room and get our rewards. Third player used the teleporter and it took him to the room but his char was invisible to him and couldn't move. The other 2 could see his char but it was just standing still in the loot room. He was unable to pick up any of the loot - he tried all his keys, could only rotate the camera and nothing else.

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2 issues with co-op Void Crusade
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66 days ago

We are sorry for the bad experience. We are investigating this problem and will try to sort it out in the coming period.