Critical hits - Heroic Deeds issue


Just noticed that critical hits are not counting up properly.  

I have a character heavily invested in the Criticals tree, level 20, heavy bolter build.   According to my heroic deeds progression for Storied Carnage I only have made 168/10k criticals which seems less that what I achieve in a single mission.

I've tested this with other weapons (bolter & autogun).   



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Critical hits - Heroic Deeds issue
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2 years 299 days ago
Okay.  Just completed a mission that was yellow for me.  My crit chance is 15% and used my heavy bolter throughout.

As far as heroic deeds is concerned.... I scored a grand total of 2 crits.

2 years 300 days ago
It's probably like me, that's going up but very slowly
2 years 300 days ago
Uhm, it just went up to 5.19K, so it is going up - perhaps not all crits are being counted?  Or maybe you are filtering out crits on mobs with a lower Power Level than the character? 
2 years 300 days ago
I have a similar problem.  My running total was 5.18k this morning.  I have played numerous missions today and have gotten several hundred crits and yet the number has not gone up at all.  I need that perk for my Psyker Crit Build and no matter what I do I can't seem to get  there...
2 years 300 days ago
I have a similar problems with the Heroic Deeds who ask to apply vulnerability. 

I'm supposed to inflict  heat vulnerability each time I crit with heat damage. 

I have 20+% crit chance, and I only get +2 or +3 vulnerability count for the Heroic Deeds to each mission. 

Even with the Multi-Meta first ability which is suppposed to inflict Vulnerability...