crash - WMVCore.DLL



When i launch the game from steam, nothing happend. The game instant crash.

I have use steam verify 4 times.

My pilots are up to date
When i launch the game from the exe Warhammer_x64_11.exe i got an error WMVCore.DLL is missing.
I'm on Windows 10 64 bits.

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crash - WMVCore.DLL
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7 years 125 days ago

So do you happen to live in Europe by chance lol?  The reason you may not have it is due to having Windows 10 N which does not include windows media player.  To solve this download the windows media player package.  This has nothing to do with the game itself, you are just missing this system32 file.

Windows Media Player Package

7 years 124 days ago
N version of windows?

Download and Install this.

7 years 124 days ago
Installing packages from Visorak & Valkyrie Neocore work. If i only install package from you Valkyrie, it doesn't work.

N version of windows. Need reboot after package install.

7 years 124 days ago
Valkyrie Neocore
Yeah Valk N and KN were Europe and Korean releases only for them without media player and some other features due to European courts deciding they did not want them. So N and KN do no come with Media Player by default.
5 years 260 days ago

If the particular file of wmvcore.dll is crashed then do not need to delete all dll files, you just need to delete the crashed dll file and download WMVCore.dll file and then install it after that the problem will automatically remove.

2 years 357 days ago
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