Rant/Ramble (video) on cover system and combat. Add your thoughts please :)

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4 years 99 days ago
Well AI is getting an update in the 2nd ig patch we are due (not the imminent one) so perhaps that will change their behavior. Rest assured devs will be reading this :) they are a nosey bunch! :D

Also like the idea of a vault system, but will rely on thin cover I guess. But a nice feature in terms of aesthetics.

4 years 99 days ago
Good vid and agree with most if not all of it.   I would also  like to see a vault system so you can go over a  barrier or set of pipes  rather than going the long way around.  sure this can be overcome with using the armor with a jump  pack but that not always optimal.

As far as the dreadnought its problems  come down to clipping.  when it hits  a pillar or  wall  it needs to back up and try again instead of just ramming through it an clipping through a non destroyed object.

4 years 99 days ago

I agree, in it's current sate the cover system is kinda optional. I don't feel any benefits for using it, because if there are just a few enemies you don't really need it, if they are in large numbers the cover melts away rather fast.