Repeatable crash to desk top


Playing solo in a Ordo Xenos mission (flying infant) with a 82 level Psyker.  Midway into mission I get a CoreTech2 error with the following message:

fatal error at ..\..\src\gamelogic\helpers\idmanager.cpp(157): Not enough free ID! UserID: 0

Reloading the game and replaying the mission it crashes around same area in the mission it had before with the same error message.

Please advise. 

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Repeatable crash to desk top
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32 days ago
Hey there,

we just a released a hotfix on PC, fixing the crash issues you encountered. Please check on the game when you have some time and report back to us if you run into the problem again.

We would like to thank your patience in the last period!

41 days ago

 I saw on steam where the developers requested data on people having this problem.  I went to play the mission that I was having the crash on (had completed 2 of the 3, and was having crash on the 3) and noticed I had 3 new missions (ORDOS XENOS missions).  I played and was able to complete all three with no crashes.  Below is the information I had gathered.

1. Did the crash appear on a Seasonal or non-Seasonal character, maybe both?

Reply: Seasonal

2. On what language are you playing?

Reply: English

3. How often does the problem occur?

Reply: Repeatable, have attempted 6 times

4. What class are you playing with?

Reply: Psyker - Empyreanist

5. What is your account+character name?

Reply:  account name is afngary; character name is Mandor

6. Did the crash appear to all of your characters?

Reply: No

7. In case of a Seasonal character, did you notice seasonal anomalies prior to the crash?

Reply: No

8. Can you name an item which was probably the source of the problem and if you unequipped it, the crash no longer appeared?

9. Please tell us the game mode, the enemy type and the map type if you can recall them.

Reply:  ORDOS XENOS mission; dark elder; rocky with platform to platform pathing.

10. Any further note you may found and can be important.

44 days ago
After playing this game for 100+ hours I didn't have a single crash or bug. But out of the last 20 missions the game has crashed on about 13 of them with that same message. It did it on the same mission 5 times, so I gave up on it, played a few more missions. Then it started doing it on every one. I tried reinstalling the game, didn't help. The game is unplayable now.