Crash, lost all void crusade end mission loot


As I looted the first chest in the end mission of my Ebony Void Crusade, the game displayed an error notification that the game had crashed and that the crash had been reported.  When I loaded the game again I discovered that I was missing all of the loot I received killing the creatures in the mission.  Furthermore, when I attempted to load into the void crusade, it said the crusade was over and did not allow me to loot the chests that I was CHEATED out of.

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Crash, lost all void crusade end mission loot
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311 days ago
Please email us at [email protected] and we will compensate your losses with quite a few VC fragments of different kind. 
313 days ago
Just had the same problem 1st time the game crashing for me and its at the end of my 2nd time completing an ebony void crusade  once i  opened the 2nd loot chest i got an error that the game has crashed lost all the loot resetting my inventory to the state it was prior to the mission once i logged back in it showed the crusade is over 2 hours plus down the drain.