Crash during Unholy Cathedral and disappeareance of ebony shards


Hi, I want to report a couple of bugs that happened to me recently:

1) The first is relative to Unhloy Cathedral special mission: as soon as I reach level 111, the game crashes with the following message:

This started to happen since I equipped a "shock in enraged" archeotech item, coupled with 6-psalm "area damage on shock" doctrine and invested heavily in reflect chance/damage on gear, never happened before that.

2) The second is the confirm of a suspect I had for a long time, i.e. that ebony void shards sometimes disappear from the stash:

This is a sequence of three consecutive moments, in which I lost a shard without any reason (never vendored or destroyed them). Since this, I noticed that it happens quite regularly and it seems only for ebony shards (although I'm not 100% sure on this) but unfortunately I couldn't recognize if there's a specific trigger for it; I only know that I was doing a VC and nothing else.

Nickname is stugis88, playing on PC, if it can help.

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Crash during Unholy Cathedral and disappeareance of ebony shards
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1 year 18 days ago
Thank you!

We checked numerous times the amount of shards lying in our characters' inventory but they did not decrease. If you can provide any other detail it would be highly appreciated.

1 year 18 days ago
Thanks for the reply :) since then, I noticed the 2nd issue to happen also with other shards, I'll try to report eventual new cases with more detail.
1 year 18 days ago
We ran into a dead-end with the 2nd issue, the problem did not appear with 3 different characters either.

The 1st issue was put aside a while ago but it hasn't been forgotten, we will handle the crash!