Chapter 2 bug


I am unable to continue chapter 2 search for magos biologis. There is no quick location or mission markers. It says to search for them. I have done that.

I am playing on Xbox 

my gamer tag is kidlivingstone

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Chapter 2 bug
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344 days ago
Hi i also have the same problem, IGN: Stormward
353 days ago
Can you check if the bug is still present now?
354 days ago
Im having the same issue, no idea whats wrong? is it a bug? a little help would be nice please

xbox gamertag - JOHN 5PARTAN

356 days ago
Thank you. This has worked. 
359 days ago

we checked on the problem and fixed it just now. Please check on your character if he is able to continue the story now.

360 days ago
I see lots of people have this issue. Does anyone know how long it takes to fix?