crafting result too bad


Lately my experience is, that all the boltguns I build have less damage than was to be expected. When I have a look at my purple blueprint, it says for damage that this should be in the range 106-110.

The boltguns I get have a damage value of 104 or 105, which is clearly outside that range.

So what is wrong, the crafting result or the text describing the blueprint?

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crafting result too bad
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6 years 249 days ago

Agreed. Even after leveling up my crafting results are worse than what I'm equipped with.

6 years 250 days ago

Is it possible that this is a result of a binary overflow? Some binary variables of size 0-255 are used to describe values from -127 to 128 instead, thus if a value goes over 128, it comes into the negative range instead (had this with a stealth guy in Jagged Alliance 2: When his skill became too high, he was noisy as hell instead of being super stealthy)...

My idea comes from my extensive use of advanced materials on those boltguns, so the result may have overshot the upper limit and become negative instead...

6 years 252 days ago
We will have to check but my guess is that the crafted items are too weak.