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Cover Bonus, either health regen+ or armour+ that would be nice.

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Cover system
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7 years 79 days ago

As it stands  cover gets obliterated  way to fast too.   I can see a  armor bonus since  the cover is blocking most of the blast but regen no.  Cover is to aid you not  give you an invulnerability field you can stick too.  Most cases if you invest   into health regen sigunams and other parts you dont need to worry unless you are on level 3 maps  which i am now.  thos  are pretty hard at some spots

7 years 74 days ago

Cover is amazing.  Suppression is green for me the whole time. Couple talents take advantage of that.   My health doesn't go down hardly at all.  Sure cover can get destroyed fast if you have a ton of guys shooting at you but there is generally more cover near by. 

What I find problematic are the fire animation cycles for some of the cover. (columns).  I look like i'm playing Peek a' Boo every round I fire.  I'd like to just lean out and fire until i release my mouse.

6 years 312 days ago

It also would be fun if you had your own animations in cover like , kneeing and set up heavy weapons for more precision, or lean around or out of cover to fire with its own animations. The ability through crafting or use a switch or push a button in levels to activate hiden covers from the ground like a defensystem that istn set up yet. Also a way to block the enemy for a moment like barbwire or gravity mines/fields/grenades. And if your in cover via spacebar then you should leave the cover again trough pushing spacebar again.

6 years 312 days ago

And if your in cover it would be nice to have the ability to taunt the enemy towards you if you weaponrange is not high enough , like cool taunting screams like , for the emperor ! , come forth heretic and die ! or , i will purge you xeno scum ! , soemthing like that.

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6 years 312 days ago

Cover does give a health regen bonus FYI :D - not sure if its a flat increase or if it's a % of your own regen though.

Agree with much of below. It does die rather quick - Guess it's a fine line because moving from cover to cover ever 10 seconds is quite nice. Doing so every 2 seconds is a pain. 

6 years 311 days ago
Airsick Hydra

Holy thread necromancy, Batman!

I think most of this thread was addressed in the like.. five months since the OP was written.

Edit: this reply was intended for Deadgod's post.

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6 years 311 days ago

Its was you who told me to search for existing thread . i just followed your suggetions ^^

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6 years 311 days ago
Dead God

You have a point, I can't argue with that. Cover does need some tweaking still, too.