Controller support?


Found the checkbox for controllersupport in the options.

But the game does not recognize any input from my connected controller (xbox controller).

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Controller support?
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6 years 315 days ago

We are working on the full controller support and the October 1th content update will contain at least the XInput support! ;)

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If I get this correct, game does not support XBOX controller in somewhat native way (only right now I hope), like it was implemented in "Van Helsing" series, currently way to support gamepad is slightly obscure, like right-click on WH40K in Steam library, select controller config in context menu, do some mumbo-jumbo, and one can mimic mouse&keyboard with Xbox 360 gamepad.

Can any of you good sirs give a decent reply on when we will have proper and native gamepad support (assuming it will be implemented)?

7 years 154 days ago

Thanks for the feedback, we are already aware of this issue, and  I have added this to our bug tracker. We'll try and fix this ASAP.

In the meantime, you can try verify game integrity via Steam and making sure you are using the newest, v0.1.2 build (Main menu, bottom right corner).