Problem with Mission end



i have been playing  some missions today, and only got loot and EXP the 1st time.

After that i did what i always do (nothing different) and startet a new mission. finished it, and after the loading screen i got back to my Ship without the EXP/Loot Screen. So i started over, and found the same mission availiable in the mission screen. I did the mission again, with the same result. So i quit the game, quit Steam. Restarted my Computer and the Modem/Router. Got into Steam and Martyr again... Mission still there, but i did another this time, but again the same.... No EXP and no Loot...

I don´t know if it is a known bug, or an Problem with my System (should not be, because i rebooted everything), so i decided to leave a note here.

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Problem with Mission end
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345 days ago
Hey, this is one of our top prio issues atm to fix, we will hopefully update the game soon with the solution.