Constantly freezing


Everytime I try playing the game, it freezes and stops responding. I've tried verify files, reg edit, update drivers, download media pack files, changing graphics from highest to lowest, fullscreen and windowed mode. I'm at my wits end in trying to figure out what the problem is because it doesn't even give an error code, just video and audio stop and (not responding). Any kind of help would be appreciated

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Constantly freezing
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38 days ago
I have the same problem. Startet several days ago, game was running perfectly before. Freezes always start, when I kill specific enemies (plague marines f.e.) or opening chests. Can even freez, when I'm defeating larger groups of enemies. But just the picture freezes for several second, in the backround I can hear ongoing music an battle sound. I can also hear, that I can move or shoot furthermore. I don't know, why this startet. Doesn't matter the grafic settings, if high or low. Grafic driver are actual.
54 days ago
When does it freeze? Are you able to reach the Command Bridge? Or can you load some missions as well?