Constant Server Drops in Private Co-op (Xbox One)


Hey Team,

Over the past 3 days since I've started playing with a friend of mine on Xbox One, we are getting constantly dropped from the server while in missions. Doesn't matter what kind of mission (Campaign/Intel/Randoms etc.). We usually get about two-thirds of the way through a mission and usually when we're in a fight, we immediately notice that enemy health is not decreasing and about 5-10 seconds later we receive a message saying we've been disconnected from the server. Its incredibly frustrating when we've been dropped from more missions than what we've actually been able to complete together. (I think we're like 3-7).

The first day was okay for the most part as we did the first few campaign missions together after the tutorial prologue stuff. But once we started getting geared up a bit, we started to experience the drops.

Not entirely sure what kind of info I can really provide in regards to this issue. The game is fun and I want to play it with my mates, I just wish the server stability was up to snuff. If requested, I will attempt to provide any extra details that I can.


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Constant Server Drops in Private Co-op (Xbox One)
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