Comments and discussion about Inferno Season items


As Inferno Season is about to come to an end on PC, I have made a list of  the seasonal items I got, and gave comments for each one.

In general I feel that as this is the first season, the mechanisms and values of seasonal items are rather over-conservatively designed, and most of them would become less-functional after season ends.

I hope this thread would be of help for players on XBOX/PS, and provide some feedback to developers. 

I'm not sure if I've got all the items(I got 11),   so if I'm missing or mistaken in anything please tell me :)


1. Avenger Emblem (Signum)

Useless in most situations, especially considering we're in a "Berserk era" —— we need signum to provide damage bonus in berserk builds.

2. Blazing Echo (Main Implant)

Interesting behavior, but the chance is small. It's not a stable damage output mechanism, only serves as a welcome surprise.

Perhaps fast-hitting-weapon-users would be able to better make use of this thing.

3. Bone Searer (Eye Implant)

Are you kidding me lads the value is too small. I need stronger damage bonus to sear the bones of heretics.

4. Conflagration Implant (Neural Implant)

That's a little weird way to set a trigger. I'm not sure if I often get critical damage from enemies.

Still, this implant may be the only way to apply Inferno  on the enemies after season ends.

5. Erupting Sentiment( Main Implant)

A supplementary source of beserk tokens.

But  previously I found when I use it together with other Berserk-getting mechanisms, sometimes the Berserk tokens would vanish in a sudden (not sure if this has been fixed).

6. Eye of Combustion(Eye Implant)

Might be useful for heat weapon users.

7. Firethorns Armour (Armour)

high-chance damage reflection might be useful, but I feel rosarius armor would be better.

8. Lingering Embers (Neural Implant)

Longer vulnerability duration might be useful for slow-hitting weapon users. 

9. Sash of Melting (Belt items)

Since we cannot repeatedly apply Burn on the same enemies, I fear such enchants are never comparable with "adds vulnerability when critical hits".

10. Scorching Ire (Main Implant)

A supplementary source for enrage tokens, but note that main implant is also the source of enrage damage bonus.

For grav gun/heavy flamer users, usually "get a n enrage token when critical hit"  alone is enough.

11. Ultimatum (Heavy Bolters, Radium Cabines, Biomantic Swords, Force Swords, Ether Blades, Assassin Power Swords)

I guess "Fire damage" is heat damage right?

If it is not, then how would fire damage interacts with  all the heat mechanisms (like damage bonus, enemy heat resistance, etc?)


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Comments and discussion about Inferno Season items
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171 days ago
Brother Kundari

The article strikes a great balance between being informative  and thought-provoking. It encourages readers to reflect on the subject matter rather than just passively consume information.

3 years 240 days ago
Well, many of the items were nice and are worth taking care of and I want to hold on to those I am actually having. Wished I had more, but oh well. At least they were Seasonal items only things, so in that regard, nice just having around.

When it came to Destruction and Mayhem output of these Seasonal items, and Fire & Heat in general I discovered (a bit late unfortunately) that the overall Damage output & Combination of these items were a bit thin later on regarding Higher Lvls, and dealing with Missions with Higher Lvls (+8-10+). Which again meant if you were ever to actually do some incredibly SERIOUS Damage with Fire, you would have to delicately finetune it to the MAX.

I know I should have made a Character #2, but it was a bit late for making  that.

Now it might as well just be better to take a good break from the entire gaming for a while. And then I come back for more after Ssn #2 have been going on for a cpl weeks.

Christmas is just around the corner too. Things to arrange, things to take care of, things to make sure is ready.

3 years 240 days ago
In my case, I've never really bothered with the inferno items simply because their effect was usually weak and they would disrupt whatever build I was aiming for. The inferno items I got never presented any viable alternative. If I am going for a full DoT build, crit build, berserk build, enrage build, whatever build, there would have to be a significant incentive to skip standard items, thus lowering the effectiveness of what my build is aiming for.

For example, my TA was always using plasma guns 'of robotics' simply because the data flux advantage gave me the ability to field four Kastelans. My perks played into that too, obviously. No inferno item was going to change this decision, they simply were not good enough for me to even consider them.

I see two ways to address this:

  • Give the seasonal items much more attractive bonuses and make them stronger the more seasonal items you equip (set bonuses). If you have 2-3 with good seasonal rolls, you might start considering building your character around the seasonal items, since their effects would be getting stronger the more you equip.
  • Seasonal effects should not be primary. For my TA, I would gladly consider an 'inferno plasma caliver of robotics' - i.e. where the seasonal effect would be added to the primary one that reduces the data flux reserve. But no amount of (weak) inferno effect that replaces the data flux reduction 'of robotics' would make me swap my weapons. Either design seasonal items with two primary effects (standard one + seasonal one) or change the seasonal effect into an extra secondary effect.
3 years 241 days ago
Thanks for your feedback @DISTEMPER‍ !

We are thinking about bringing back the Inferno mechanism later in some way but this exists in concept only, we will see.

The damage output was indeed way too low, we realized this and the S2 items will provide much higher damage boost.

3 years 243 days ago

Overall,  it seems that "Conflagration Implant" and perhaps "Blazing Echo"  is needed to utilize Inferno mechanisms after season ends. 

If one player doesn't have "Conflagration Implant", then items like "Blazing Echo" and "Erupting Sentiment" would be of no use then.

Perhaps more exciting rewards is needed to motivate the players in the next season. Without damaging game balance, of course...