Hi, when i try to buy DLC content with my destiny points they sade to me "transaction error"

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173 days ago
Could you let me know what your in-game account name is? (and on what platform you are playing) 

Maybe you could message me either on our Discord, or on this website's support chat, and we will work this out one way or another I'm sure

173 days ago
Hey Oeregharcos,

Thank you so much for your quick reply! 

Unfortunately, I am well past the tutorial missions and Remigus Klemet shows the DLCs as not available: Needed DLC: ...

In my case it appears that the DLCs are not recognized in game. How can I help the programming team to get to the bottom of this bug?

Cosmetic upgrades I did not really bother checking; would it help if I buy something? 

173 days ago

Hey guys! The DLCs will be unlockable in the game as you progress. Once you progress past the tutorial missions, you'll be on the command bridge, that's basically functioning as a 'main menu'. You can access certain things from there. Most of your cosmetic DLCs you will find if you access the machinery with a plus sign in a gear icon. Your mission type DLCs you'll be able to access once a character named 'Astropath Remigius Klemet' appears on your bridge. Then you need to go talk to him, for him to reveal what you need to achieve in-game to be able to access the DLCs. The failed transaction message I'm actually not sure what's up with, I haven't encountered that issue before. Let me know if you still cannot access the DLCs in the above described way and I'm sure we'll be able to figure it out together. Hope this helps :)

173 days ago

Same issue here. 

I have bought the ultimate edition, but the DLCs do not show in game. 

When I try to buy the DLCs for faith, I get above error message.