Co-Op Story Mode ?!?


Well we want to play the story-mode in co-op. But they are only single-player in the beginning, so will there be some missions playable in co-op? Or do we have to play those on our own?

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Co-Op Story Mode ?!?
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5 years 112 days ago
Yes, I'd gladly spend more $ to turn this feature on (which should be on anyways, but whatever) and so would all my friends and guildmates
5 years 112 days ago
When people pay money for a feature that the paying player feels will be more fun.

Developer: Naaaa, pay me to play the game my way.

Player: *Uninstall*

5 years 112 days ago
    Unfortunately they're making us play them by ourselves alone, and they're not even giving us the option of re-going through the story with our friends after we've finished the storyline. What really sucks is that they've already got it so that we can do that, they've just turned it off on purpose because they felt like it. Anyways, my friends and don't really want to keep doing the random repetitive missions and we'd really very much rather play through the storyline together.  What would be really great is if they let us play through it together on higher difficulty levels! (You know, just like Diablo, Diablo 2, Darkstone, etc. etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.) 

    Its the number one feature that would make this the best ARPG ever. They have made up reasons about being too easy, or cheating or insert random thing that's not actually a real problem but sounds good to players who don't know any better.

    Now, technically there is currently a feature you can take advantage of to play the fun missions in co-op.. unfortunately they probably don't want anyone mentioning on here because they don't like people playing the story together and it can bug out your account. (You can look it up elsewhere though). I don't recommend it though.