Character stuck in chapter 2


Hi, my game is currently stuck in chapter 2 find the magos biologis at 3 possible locations, I searched them and now I can not progress past this point as no more campaign missions appear. Account and Character name is Sepherina

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Character stuck in chapter 2
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1 year 5 days ago
My bad. I mistook your name with someone elses and thought that you commented under two threads and also created a new one to catch our attention.

All in all, now that I saw it's not that case I went to check on your account and fixed the issue you reported. It seems even 2 of your characters were affected by story-hindering bugs. Wukong's and Leona's progress got fixed too.

 Sorry for the trouble.

1 year 6 days ago
Why did you delete my reply and my separate thread without resolving the issue? My character is still stuck on this mission and unable to progress in the campaign?
1 year 7 days ago
This comment was deleted 1 year 6 days ago by Marcopolocs
1 year 10 days ago
The problem got fixed just now. Let me know if you still have any issue with your character.