Chapter 5 glitched?


How can I get started on this chapter has it just glitched for this chat I was lvl 34ish when I finished chap 4 I searched all available sectors and could not find anyway to start the quest I’m now lvl 49 and still can’t find where to start it any help would be appreciated

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Chapter 5 glitched?
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5 years 22 hours ago

Different chapter same situation here.

No pink indicator, no one to talk to...

How can i continue?

5 years 1 day ago
I have talked to everyone on the bridge multiple times as I have finished the drulhari and khorne quest lines now, when I finished chapter 4 I had no purple/pink quest indicator for how to proceed, manually searched all systems trying to find a quest indicator but have nothing, it’s not the big with the missions not completing as the clues are all found and rewarded with no option to replay any of the prior campaign missions it’s very strange
5 years 1 day ago
The info about how to proceed is always displayed in one of the right side UI panels - often you need to talk to someone on the command bridge before you can proceed.