Chapter 2 Story Bugged Xbox One


I played the search 3 locations on Atheon for Caius portion of the main story and saved the magos with my friend, completed it. But now I have no magos, still says to search the final location, and I can't advance in the story. This has essentially bricked my character. Just purchased the game and really enjoying it but is there any way to get around this? If not, I'd like to request a refund for the full purchase price of the game, as I have no interest in replaying the entirety of the first section of the game again if bugs like this can't be worked around.

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Chapter 2 Story Bugged Xbox One
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3 years 219 days ago

we corrected the issue from our end, could you please check whether you can proceed now in the campaign? Let us know if you still have any trouble with your character.