Chapter 2: Saving Caius Thorn - Bugged.


Currently at chapter 2: Saving Caius Thorn quest, and at 4/5 clues found. When I click the next mission button nothing happens.

Think I completed the last quest - for the 5th clue - but it didnt register ---- This is my guess

Any help is appreciated =)

Edit: Forgot to mention; Did the quests co-op, dont know if that bugged it out or?

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Chapter 2: Saving Caius Thorn - Bugged.
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225 days ago
Please check your character's progress, it should be good now.
227 days ago
Having the same problem locked out on 4/5 Chapter 2 saving Caius Thorn.

Please help me out here. This bug is present already 3 years.... 

My psn ID:


Heavy gunner crusader : sunradiance

262 days ago
Im having this same problem, please help!
313 days ago
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313 days ago
We fixed the issue, please check on your character's progress when you've got some time. 
314 days ago

I'm having this bug on my crusader it is on ps4

314 days ago

I'm having this bug on my crusader it is on ps4

1 year 7 days ago
Please check on your Crusader, the issue got removed from him.
1 year 10 days ago

I'm having this bug on my crusader.

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1 year 84 days ago
Please check on your character now. We resolved the issue.
1 year 85 days ago
I'm with the same issue on PC, can you pls help me?

PC: Neokronnus

1 year 89 days ago
We resolved the problem please check on the mission when you will have some time.
1 year 89 days ago
I am playing on PC, did the quest coop and now I'm stuck on it. Can't see it solo or coop.  even cleared the whole system.  Pls help and thank you.
1 year 165 days ago
I think it's fixed now thank you so much. Really enjoy the gamr
1 year 165 days ago
We fixed your respective accounts please check your characters.
1 year 166 days ago
having same problem, thought if i left it for a while it might get fixed in a patch or something.  playing on xbox one,  Rotheric Sins, character Alyria. 
1 year 166 days ago

I'm having the same problem and have tried everything. Anyway you can fix it on your end? 

Psn maxichist 

1 year 196 days ago
@MKETES82@ROBERTPAULSON707‍ we fixed the character problems, please check your respective chars.

@LOPPIE73‍ please let me know your account name and the platform you are playing on. Thanks in advance!

1 year 197 days ago

I have the same problem, my character has no story missions in chapter 2. Name: Tugeim
Class: Crossover

I would appreciate it if you can fix it soon.

1 year 198 days ago
I have the exact same issue. I was playing solo. 

Happened 3 days ago. Tried to report bug on the in-game bug report option but it took me to the old site and I have had no reply. Can someone please assist. I haven't been able to continue playing now for 3 days.

I am playing on PC, Version 2.3.0c and I bought the game through Steam.

Please help.

1 year 199 days ago

This recently happened to me as well, Co-op and everything. Now my character is locked.

Platform: PC

Character: Rita/ Assassin 

Name: Vulkan He'stan 

Build: 2.3.0

Thank you!

1 year 210 days ago
My game is also bugged says I only have 4/5 clues and won't let me progress in the story 


Inquisitor xxARCxANGELx

1 year 250 days ago
It's happening to my character too please fix this bug 
1 year 251 days ago
This is still happening. It just happened to my character today while playing coop. 

Xbox One

Account: BasicGirl09

Character : Nikita

1 year 343 days ago
@JJM494@TEATRU‍ please check on the issue again. They should be fixed now. 
1 year 344 days ago
Hello, I've encountered a similar issue. I'm on Chapter 2, Saving Caius Thorn quest. I'm unable to travel to different systems to continue the quest. 

Didn't start the quest in co-op. However, upon starting chapter 2, I joined a co-op game with a friend. Playing an assassin character.

Playing on xbox one.

Account: JJM494

Character: Jana

Please let me know if you need any additional information.

Any help is appreciated.

1 year 344 days ago
I completed the first mission in cooperation, the game stuck on the cutscene and booted us without credit, loaded single player today to try to finish it, but only the other two missions are available, and no credit for the missing one.  

Account Teatru

Character Aeleth

Xbox one

3 years 355 days ago
I've had the same thing happen and I did everything in single player.
3 years 364 days ago
Happened to me tonight, played Co-op. Next mission button (at 4/5 clues) not doing anything and no way of seeing what stage I am up to.

Left group and reset the game, still not working. Seems going co-op has locked me out of completing quest.

3 years 364 days ago
Name of Names

Double post.

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3 years 364 days ago

Account name: Name of Names


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3 years 365 days ago

Coop might be the issue, we'll look into it. Screenshots of the mission screen would be much appreciated - also, please post your account names!

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4 years 11 hours ago
Same Issue Please fix !! since we are stuck with max LVL5 chars if the Story cannot continue because of this retarded bug.
4 years 2 days ago

I did it solo, no may be the problem.

4 years 2 days ago
Having same problem. Also did the Quest Co-Op