Can't use ANY pistol


Whenever I equip a pistol it's held in the manner of what I just replaced it for.  E.g it's held like a shield or,  instead of a sword the pistol is glued to the underside of his fist and waved around like a sword :(

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Can't use ANY pistol
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7 years 86 days ago
I was running around with a bolt pistol and a shield, and I was using the shield like a rifle. I think I will almost miss this bug when it gets fixed.
7 years 86 days ago
Same issue here with the blue bolt pistol. Still hilariously fun to use.
7 years 87 days ago

I have the same issue with bolt pistol and chain sword combination, if you try going into battle like that the char glides around rather than walking and the ability activate by pressing 2 of the bolt pistol does not shoot when pressed