feedback from 2/16-20/2017


After getting things to work (replacing items... losing bugged characters...); here is some feedback.

Autogun is the best gun imo. I love the versatility/damage/look/feel/skills... just a really damn awesome gun :D

Explosive containers explosion radius sucks. So I see it, I move over to attack it, by the time I get close to it the enemies moved far enough that hitting it did no damage.

Grenade launcher is pretty overpowered. Either it has too much ammo or each skill doesn't take enough ammo. I love the power behind the explosions that felt amazing and helped with clearing, but it never practically needs reloading thus could just clear rooms like no other. It probably should reload a bit slower too...

The mission time feels too long for solo play. I'm not sure if it's possible, but it definitely should scale with players either on size/monster toughness...

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feedback from 2/16-20/2017
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