Can't start a campaing


I bought game at 26.06.2022. When I'm trying to start a new campaing, it always throwing error: " The game has crashed. This issue is going ...". Log file contains this:
[2022-06-28 23:53:00][0.001s][681C] General (info): WorkingDirectory is V:\Games\steamapps\common\King Arthur Knight's Tale\
2022-06-28 23:53:01.093 (   0.314s) [            681C]        Device_DX11.cpp:604      0| Device data: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660, DedicatedVideoMemory: 5991 MB, DedicatedSystemMemory: 0 MB, SharedSystemMemory: 12245 MB
2022-06-28 23:53:16.158 (  15.378s) [GRAPH           ]          VHTDataIO.cpp:62       0| Load terrain failed: V:\Games\steamapps\common\King Arthur Knight's Tale\Terrains/Sections/Campaign/Act1_Camelot/Act1_Camelot_Prison/Act1_Camelot_Prison.VHT
2022-06-28 23:53:38.420 (  37.640s) [GRAPH           ]      CrashReporter.cpp:31    WARN| CRASH!
Even reinstalling didn't help. This error keep's appears
And those files(with extension .VHT) doesn't exists

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Can't start a campaing
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