Can't rotate camera


I have a Logitech G502 gaming mouse, and the instructed method of rotating the camera doesn't work. From what I understand you click the scroll wheel down and hold and then move the mouse to rotate the camera.  I can't find a way to rebind this function to another key or even just try to rebind it to my mouse wheel down click in case the game and the mouse don't agree on what key that motion is associated with. 

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Can't rotate camera
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7 years 120 days ago

It works for me, so either it's your mouse that is not detected correctly by the game or you have a corrupted game download.

  • Exit the game.
  • Right click on the game in your Steam Library.
  • Select "Properties" in the dropdown.
  • In the window that pops up, select the "Local Files" tab.
  • Click the button on this tab labeled "Verify Integrity of Game Cache".
  • Allow the program to run, it may take up to five or ten minutes.
  • Once it is completed, close down your Steam Browser
  •  Exit Steam completely from the toolbar.
  • Restart Steam and see if it helps.
  • Sometimes you need to do this twice because mistakes can happen during the procedure.

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7 years 120 days ago
Also, your mouse should have a tool that allows you to see and configurate mouse buttons - try the default setting with the middle wheel and see if it works. You can download it at the Logitech support site.
7 years 120 days ago
Also the problem maybe stems from the lock feature of the scroll wheel. Toggle the lock mode of the wheel with the button behind your scroll wheel and it should be fine.
7 years 120 days ago

Thank you good sir! I had tried restoring the whole mouse so default settings and the wheel lock button. It was the individual reassigning of the scroll wheel click to "use generic" which changed it back to "mouse button 3". BAM! Rotate camera activated.

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