Cant log in again after crash


My game crashed after changing weapons, i reboot the computer, then i cant log in the game again it says:

menu.login.message.already_ logged_in

But love the sound and look of the game so far, gonna try and wait a bit and see if i can login again.

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Cant log in again after crash
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7 years 99 days ago

I can confirm that after you crash you remain logged in. To be able to log in again and avoid the reconnect issue you must NOT attempt to login for about 5 min or more. I waited 5 min and i was able to log in. Hope this helps someone else.

7 years 99 days ago
I can confirm i have the same issue. Crashed after fast weapon switching. At this time i am unable to login after repeated attempts. Will try to wait 5 min as another user posted and see if this results in being able to login
7 years 99 days ago
well i have to wait around 10 min, then i can log in again. 

but i found out, if i make it borderless window, in screen options i can shut the game down, without rebooting.

yes in the future, some lore entries would be nice:) 

7 years 99 days ago
This seems to be a common issue. For an alpha stage game, please make the client terminate all previous logins upon reconnecting. Or at least write some Lore entries to catch up on... 5 minutes of nothing isn't very interesting :)
7 years 99 days ago
Wait for ~5 mins without trying to log in again, the account is still logged in for a few minutes even if the client itself is terminated.
7 years 100 days ago
Pretty much same issue here. Nothing seems to work on my end to fix it, tried restarting, relogging multiple times, waiting, staying on logon screen...nothing. I my case it happened after forcibly killing martyr process due to game hanging up on exiting the mission.