Bug Report: Quest progression


Need assistance with a quest progression fix code. Quest: 'Fulmigati Himself' (end of Chapter 3).

I have completed the quest, and it has progressed to the next stage requiring me to talk to Vlados in the Lair. The issue is that on the map, there is no portal to go back to said lair. I have run around the entire map of the fight area, thinking i may have missed it, but there is nothing. As we do not have quick travel options, I cannot progress.

The only way I was able to move forwards was to restore the backup save file from the NeoCore Games directory. Thankfully it was saved half an hour prior to the quest completing, but it still remains annoying that I have to do that and repeat the progress already made.

Fix code would be great or patch update to address the issue.

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Bug Report: Quest progression
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