Cannot select Cabal Tech Tree perk


Been like this for two weeks now. Levelled the cabal again to see if that would shake it but still stuck. Now have two influence to spend and I have Grandmaster rank. We do have the two perks activated that increase cabal size. When I have the cursor flashing above the perk I want (which isn't crossed out), the Research prompt lights up as if I can select it. When I press X to select it the prompt on the bottom left reacts but the perk does not get selected. We can complete cabal objectives no problem and I promote/kick members from the cabal ok. Also seem to have problems right now modifying the cabal description and opening recruiting again. Same sort of issue, I can't apply changes but the buttons do react, they just don't do anything. (Cabal is **Ordo.Calus** on PS4)

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Cannot select Cabal Tech Tree perk
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4 years 283 days ago
Issue with not being able to change recruiting status and description is gone but still can't select tech tree perks.
4 years 283 days ago

also such a problem

4 years 284 days ago
I have the exact same problem